Friday, July 31, 2009

"Club Cards"

Ever hear of "Club Cards"? These are minimal info cards,
printed very nicely, just to give folks a Phone number
and a name. Very simple and straightforward in design,
these cards have the client's monogramme blind embossed
into the upper left corner of the design. In Mark's case,
I used open faced Caslon for the name, cut a length of 2pt
rule. Below the rule, 10p. Caslon OS 337.

These cards were printed on 110 thru 220lb Lettera, by Crane,
which is handmade cotton rag stock. In this particular case,
three colours available are used, white, ivory and ecru. This
sort of loose fibre stock enbosses well, yet does not "punch"
when pressure is properly set.

These 'minimal info' cards can come in very handy and are
quite versatile. They can be personal cards or used for
business. (Bond . . . James Bond.) These particular cards
are handset, as opposed to digital design, using moveable
type. The price for these hand made cards averages around
$150.00 for 200 cards including the blind monogramme (which
means I have to run the cards through the press twice) or
$99.00 without the monogramme. Aww, But the Diamond Pattern
mono is so classy! It uses a two or three letter initial,
and arranges them in a diamond design, the first initial on
the left, the last name being set in the centre as the largest
character, and the middle initial positioned to the right.
My name, Gary Glen Johanson would be arranged:


Of course, either way, the cards are printed on Lettera,
which can receive a nice, tactile deboss without clobbering
the paper And, of course, the monogramme can be inked
and printed as normal, instead of the slightly deeperblind
"emboss", which is actually a deboss. The price would be
the same as that for the blind deboss, if the monogramme
is printed as a second colour.

The font I use for the Monogrammes goes back to the 1920s.
It was quite popular as part of a Stationery Header, which,
of course, I can also do.

That's it for this installment!


G. Johanson, Printer!


  1. I love those old monograms - they're so cool.

  2. Lovely!!!

    Nicely done, Gary!