Friday, June 20, 2008

Pearl Press Recovery

Here are some photos of the events of the day: recovering a 7x11 Pearl Press from a Barn. This Press has no rollers, no woodwork, no trucks, missing the chase clip spring, and has signifigant rusting of it's unpainted surfaces. But she is not beyond hope, fortunately. Her delivery from the Barn was to prevent further deterioration.

The above photo is the barn, with trusty co-hort Jeff Thurman getting the truck ready for the Pearl, which would be transfered in three parts: 1- Flywheel and Ink Disk, 2- Press itself, and 3- the Press Table with Treadle and Linkage, the Pushrod.

This is the Pearl as she stood in the Barn. Flywheel and Ink disk has already been removed.

Here is the Pearl Press itself on the Dolly at the "dock", the front stoop of the Barn.

. . . and here is the Table she mounts upon. It was easier to keep the treadle on rather than remove it for the relocation.

Here she sets in her permanent berth, next to the NS 8x12 C&P. You may note the old radio gear - I am selling my vintage ham station, and essentially getting out of Ham Radio to fund the Letterpress and Restoration activities at my home shop. All that background stuff will be history, soon.

Most of the rust is located on the unpainted surfaces, the Platen, the type bed, the chase which I was lucky enough to locate. Also the Ink disk needs rust removal treatment.

The rear mechanism is actually pretty clean of rust and corrosion. It was protected by a film of grease which, while attracting an annoying layer of dust, just may have been a blessing in disguise.

The side gearing and linkage is also pretty clean, needing only a wiping and minor steel-wool treatment.

The Treadle itself needs painting. I plan to paint her the original black, with gold pinstriping and gold raised lettering and date (1909)

Her brass Nameplate still shines. In fact, oddly so: it looks as if somebody purposefully cleaned it. It wasn't us.

Here is a close-up. I may add that the leveling lugs on the rear of the platen are not frozen, but are secure in their original positions. I find that if you leave well enough alone, platens are usually pretty even from the get go. I've only seen one case where I had to really get in there and relevel a platen. That was the 9x13 Kelsey Model H.

What is needed for the Pearl:

1- New set of rollers, trucks, cores.
2- Chase clip retaining spring
3- Feed and Delivery Boards
4- Reconstructed drawers for the Table
5- Deep cleaning and rust removal
6- Spotting all oil ports (everything that moves!)
7- Painting and pin striping.

That's all for now. Good Providence in all your endeavours!

G. Johanson, Settlement Printer
Florida Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts
Barberville / Deltona Florida.

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  1. good luck on your endevours, i happen to have a series 2 8x5 under the house has'nt been used for some years, some of the parts are missing rollers etc, chases, and quoins i am unable to replace these parts, however if you know of any place where i can obtain same please let me know... bruce chave