Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Behind the 7x11 Pearl OS Model 3

This installment is specifically to provide some details of the Pearl for a Fellow Printer who is in the process of restoring a Pearl. What you will see is the rear mechanism. On the back of the roller casting there is a lever upon which the base of the pawl shaft rests upon. It acts as a sort of cam which moves the pawl shaft foward. This in turn moves the pawl up, engages the ratchet teeth at the base of the ink disk, rotating it about one degree.

My Aussie Blue Heeler will serenade you as we go along. She hates it when I'm in the shop and she's not.

Here are some still shots, including one with the ink disk removed. Also, as a note, the only place that a spring is located on my press is the chase clamp. It anchors to the neck casting with receives the ink disk.

I hope these images are helpful, Rachel.

Good Providence in all your Letterpress endeavours!


Q5 Studio and Pretty Good Letterpress

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