Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grand Opening! G. Johanson, Letterpress has an Etsy Shop!

Hi, Folks!  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  I know I sure did!

It's a milestone for us at G. Johanson, Letterpress.  It is also part of a strategy to get our shop out there in the public eye on a shoestring budget.  Since I do not have a "brick and mortar" store - and it may be some time before I can become one - Etsy will do.   Since our work has been entirely commission business, there is not a lot of what one might call "product".  I have the Christmas Card.  

That's it.

But it's a start.  You can visit it by clicking here.

I also provide a link on the right hand side "Links Within and Without" section.

I hope to feature more product as I can produce them.  But you will always have a head's up first on this blog, because this is where all the cool behind the scenes stories are!

Thanks for visiting, and if you want some cool limited edition Christmas Greeting cards that speak to the Old World, and are real limited edition prints, I am set up for direct on-line payment.

Top o'th' Holidays to you all, and Good Providence in your upcoming Celebrations!

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  1. Congratulations! Once you have the shop it is easy to add things to it. The card is truly beautiful. If I did not have my own press, I would want these cards. Instead, I will share the link with my Facebook friends. :-)