Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Beary, Berry Christmas: a Christmas Card Design by Anna Coleman.

Anna decided that she wanted not only to design her card, but to do the actual printing.  We decided to use the Pearl OS Model 3 (7x11), despite the absence of rollers.  This gave her the opportunity to hand ink the die.  It was a bit of a process, but she did develop a cadence.  This also gave me a chance to put the Pearl through a few cycles of actual printing.

We used two types of card stock, a classic white linen finish and a light grey laid card stock, both by Neenah.  The original artword is pen and ink on bristol board.

Anna's favorite subjects are animals.  She has a unique style that can give very human personalities to them, yet keeping them completely in their natural animal state.   Her graduate portfolio review show was based on "Anthromorphism", the rendering of human likeness through animal behaviour in illustration techniques.  Anna has a background in illustrating childrens books going back to her first professional contract at age 12.  She currently works at Rifle Studios, Winter Park, and does freelance design as the occasion permits.

The cards were a big hit. Publication was limited to 100, handed to friends, family, and associates.  And dear old dad.


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