Monday, January 17, 2011

A Special Greeting.

This card is another of Anna's Designs (Anna's Paper Bird), printed on Pearl Lettra in a muted gold oil base, which stands out very nicely, yet is understated.  The card format is A6, approx. 4.75 x 5.75", and includes a matching Pearl White envelope.  Inside is blank.  Anna has designed a few of these whimsical "Robot Cards", but I think this one is my favorite.  The artwork was designed the "Old School" way, pen and ink on a drawing board, scanned at 600 dpi, then vectorized by Inkscape.  Plating was executed by Owosso Graphics.  Hand fed and scored, one by one, on our 1936 Chandler and Price "New Series" 8x12 Letterpress.

These cards are limited edition pieces of original art.

The formal name of my Studio is "Q-5", which is part of G. Johanson, Printer.  The attribution on the reverse of this card is handset in 10pt Sans Serif metal type, the actual font name is yet to be determined.  It was cast by a foundry under contract by Kelsey sometime in the 1940s.  Kelsey was well known for using ATF faces and re-naming them.  For instance, "Marquee" was renamed "Marquery".  But I like the look, so we used it.  I'll let Kelsey and the American Type Founders duke it out over the name. (Both are long gone, anyway.)

We are selling these pieces in sets of five, plus envelopes, for ten dollars ($10.00 USD) per set, plus shipping.

The reason why we are selling these cards, aside from the fact that they are one-of-a-kind examples of both Anna's work and Letterpress Printing - is because they are also serving a very special purpose:

There is a small group of young men in our College & Careers department who are trying to raise money for their mission to Guatemala.  They will be working with a well known ministry to the skate board community in that country.  And in this economy, folks are watching every nickel. Raising funds isn't easy.

This is why Anna and myself have teamed up to help support this endeavor.  All proceeds are directed to the effort to get Jimmy, Mikey, Collin and John down to Guatemala by March.  This is just our own contribution to this missions effort.

The College & Careers group is a ministry of  Deltona Alliance Church, Deltona, FL.

Place orders, or contact me at:

Good Providence in all your Endeavors!


And now for your viewing pleasure and interest, here is Josh doing the honours on our baby C&P!

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