Monday, November 9, 2009

Two Videos and Narration describing a Ludlow which I May be Taking On as a Project

These videos are investigative. I have taken these for Dave Seat, who has been kind enough to give me some pointers in getting started on what may be a complete rehab of a Ludlow Linecaster.

This device creates type by-the-line. Rather than pegging foundry type one letter at a time, with this machine you set matrices, or "mats", which are actually moulds. These mats are set in specially designed "sticks", not unlike Composition sticks in basic principle, but nothing like them in appearance.

Lead chemistry is introduced to the mats, and immediately cooled, producing a line of type, a sentence.

There are other machines that do similarly. These machines automatically set lines, words, sentences, by use of a keyboard. The mats are intricately arranged, selected, set, injected, and redistributed into their magazines waiting for next useage. These machines were known as "Line-o-type", "Intertype", etc. But the Ludlow used hand set mats to accomplish the same thing in a far less complex manner. Which is the draw to them for me.

In these videos, narrated after the videos were taken, I am directing commentary to Dave. I might point out that the power to the building went out after I was there just ten minutes. That is why the room seems a bit dark.

You are welcome to join in the investigation of the Settlement's Ludlow.

Video One: Cycling the drive mechanism

Video Two: Checking the gas lines, table top, general appearance.

That's it for now. Thanks for viewing, and thanks, Dave, for helping me out.


G. Johanson, Settlement Printer
Florida Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts

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  1. i run a gas ludlow at least twice a week, i have a electric also, the gas machine casts a better slug, but i use a 6 pt. mold, yours has a 12 pt. mold, never could get a good solid slug with the 12. the safety is excellent on these machines. the motor seems to not be attached to your machine, the water tank carries a soluable oil that helps prevent rust in the system. i am not too good with a computer, if you want you could call me and i could try to help you. i have some parts for the gas machines. dick g.