Monday, May 6, 2013

More Kluge Information

I had committed to enter Kluge Information as I came upon it.  From Brandtje & Kluge's site, I submit some general model information.

The first of the Kluge Platen Presses were made in 1931.  Prior to this, B&K only made the feeder for other presses.  Their design goal was to build a heavy, durable, and very fast press.  The two models made through the 1930s, and through WW2 were the Model M (10x15) and the Model N (12x18)

From this point on, "M" designates the 10x15 sizes, and "N" designates the 12x18.

"The Model M and N presses proved an overnight success. During the balance of the thirties, the company was producing 50 to 60 presses per month, and opened branch offices in many cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Detroit, also taking their first venture into the foreign market with exports of KLUGE presses to India, the Philippines and Australia"

During the post WW2 boom, B&K improved their presses:

"Following the war, the booming economy created an unprecedented demand for KLUGE Automatic Presses that was met by assembly line production of over 300 feeders per month from the St. Paul facility. By 1946, significant improvements in inking and registration led to the development of "MA" and "NA" models, which were in turn replaced by the enhanced "MB" and "NB" models just two years later." 

Thus, we find the "MA" and "NA" series presses dating between 1946 through 1948.

The "MB" and "NB" series presses begin manufacture in 1948.  

Apparently, the "B" series enjoyed a span of eleven years, from 1948 - 1959.  Then, from the Kluge History page we read:

"The decision to focus on its existing platen press knowledge and expand the product's potential energized the company with a keen sense of direction, and by 1959, Brandtjen & Kluge introduced the Model "C" Automatic with innovative sealed ball bearings that increased maintenance intervals and a constant speed motor drive system."

Thus, the "MC" and "NC" models find their origins in 1959.

What is not clear is when the "C" series ended and the "D" series of the mid 1960s begins.  Again, reading from the Kluge History page:

"This was the forerunner of KLUGE's most popular presses-the 11 X 17 and 13 X 19 "D" Series sheetfed printing presses."

The "EHD" was developed in 1967, so it might be safe to put the "C" series in the early 1960s, and the "D" series in the middle 1960s, up until 1967.

The entire Kluge Story can be found here.



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