Friday, April 6, 2012

Business Cards for PTF Photo, Tallahassee.

I had an opportunity to run some great business cards.  The client is PTF Photo, of Tallahassee, Florida.  The logo is a centralized blind deboss.  The paper is White Lettra.  This order was actually run on two presses: the 8x12 C&P was used for the blind deboss, and about half of the text run.  The other half was run by my Old Series Pearl Model 3, the last order to be run on her from my shop.  This is because the Pearl is now the property of Emma, of Central Virginia.  Yes.  Anna has a new home.  But as she left, she ran one last order for me, and it could not have been better.  Thanks, Anna.  You're a grand lady, and will do Emma very proudly.  It's been a pleasure to have shared shop space with you!

Below are some shots of PTF's new cards.  These were printed using traditional wood mounted metal dies, courtesy Owosso Graphics.  And once again, great results happened!

That's the latest from G. Johanson, Printer.  I might add that the Logo was not designed by me, but by the graphics designer for PTF, who also did a nice job!  Cudos to PTF Photo.  For more about PTF, click here.  For PTF's Facebook page, click here.

Good Providence in all your Letterpress Endeavors!


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  1. Wood mounted metal dies is among the reliable traditional ways in printing, particularly in business cards. The card looks good, though plain and simple, details are right there.