Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Making of a Letterpress Project: Jessica & Felix's Invitations.

The debossing and printing were two separate operations.  Because of the depth of the blind deboss and the almost seven inches of coverage, I opted to use the Kluge Letterpress at Mama's Sauce in Orlando Florida.  This is a substantial machine that could take that sort of pounding.  Although we were careful not to go overboard: even a Kluge can crack a casting.

The video was shot with a Handy Cam, using Mpeg-2 video formatting, which is a good quality format, but uploads just a tad bit squeezed due to compression.  Also, my video editor of choice does not handle Mpeg-2, forcing me to use the editor that came with the camera, which proved very primitive.  All this to say, it is an under seven minute video that is essentially a sequence of raw footage with on-the-site sound.  There was a small crowd of interns in Mama's Sauce that day, so we had an audience that stayed behind the camera (largely to flirt with the cameraman!)

The printing was done up at my own shop, G. Johanson, Printer, in Deltona/Orange City, Florida.  The last couple sequences are filmed there, with Beirut as background music competing against the A.C., Dehumidifier, and the motor that powers the New Series 8x12 C&P doing the printing.  The change of atmosphere between  Mama's Sauce and my place was like going from a Mad House to a Padded Cell!!


Anyway, pour some coffee while the video loads up, settle back, and watch the bearded old man in the red shirt for a while.  The little old printmaker . . . . me.

Best of Providence on your upcoming marriage Jessica and Felix!!  Send some photos of the ceremony up my way!


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