Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Typeset Flyer for the Good Doctor, Part 2

I had to replace a few pieces of type, one of the disadvantages of using old fonts that may have been in the possession of several shops. Broken swashes, damaged border pieces, one or two "low" faces. After proofing and replacement of damaged or questionable pieces, it was ready to run on the 8x12 New Series C&P, sporting it's "new" 45 year old Rheem blower motor. Very quiet, and with brass oil ports for rear and nose bearings.

It locked up nice and tight the first time with no surprises. Here are some close-up detail. Note that I did not print these on an open fibre stock, but rather Neenah's Classic Laid 75 lb cover, printing on the "smooth" side. Just a tad bit of deboss. I also printed about 250 impressions on Neenah's Classic Linen Pearl finish.

Close-ups as follows:

The Maltese Cross and tapered "dash" border. Each element individually set.

Another view of the same. The text you see on the right was set in 10 pt. Caslon OS 337, courtesy M&H, San Fransisco.

Another view of how the corner comes together. The card measures around 4.5 x 6.5". You see a bit of the Titling, set in 12 pt. Copperplate.

And again. Flash picked up a bit of reflection: the ink was still a bit damp. Used Kelsey's Oil Based dense Black, from a tube that was originally purchased in 1982!! Just like the tube was recently purchased.

There. That should complete the corners. Not that it's any different from the other corners.

Here is the Forme itself, completed and ready to go.

That's about it. Finished and on schedule. Job set, proof, makeready, run-time and clean-up: A full day's work. But it was a good, full day!!

Well, that's it for now. Still sorting through my "sorts". Probably going to add to my Caslon collection, Caslon is the "shop font". Next item on the adgenda: American Optometric Association business cards for Dr. Patino: two colours using the trade-famous "venetian blind" logo which I had to totally construct from ground zero on FreeHand, and transfer to Illustrator on the Mac because the AOA requires the use of Optima and Helvetica Neue faces by terms of use. Whenever you use a Registered Trademark, you have to make sure you understand the "terms of use". Those terms can literally dictate your total design, as, in this case, was true.

Good Providence in all your Letterpress Endeavours!


G. Johanson, Printer
Florida Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts
Barberville/ Deltona.


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