Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nick's 12x18 Kluge at "Mama's Sauce", Winter Park, Florida

Nick just posted the video that was shot over two days.
I was there on the first day. Honestly, I knew the camera
crew was there, but I thought they were taking a few stills
and just adjusting the lighting. I was talking to them just
as though I was talking to any visitor. Imagine my surprise
when Nick tags me with the link to his blog with this video:

KLUGE from Northern Lights on Vimeo.

A special thanks to both Nick Sambrato (Mama's Sauce,
Winter Park FL) and Chase (Northern Lights, who made
the production) for allowing me the priviledge of being
part of bringing the Kluge to life and running her first
job, a two colour business card run four-up on 110lb Crane

Oh, and great choice for soundtrack: Radiohead.

Click here to get to Nick's Blog and check out his own article on the filming. You can also see some added footage and stills here.

Ok, so right after this, I go home and my daughter Anna
and her guy Zack has the movie "Seven Pounds" on the video.
Now I get a dose of Heidelberg Windmill. Oh, man. Now I gotta
get me an autofeeder!

Kudos to Nick and Northern Lights!

G. Johanson, Settlement Printer.

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