Monday, August 18, 2008

The Desert Rose

A little hard to see in .jpg imagery, the actual file is vector. It was the project of the day. I'm working with my little sis on her wedding announcement, and she thought she would like to have a Cactus Flower design, to key into the desert setting of the place the ceremony will be performed. So her fiance photoshopped a clip-art cactus flower and text to give me an idea. This image had to be vectorised for plating, so I printed off the image, and carbon-paper traced it onto bristol board. Then I used india ink and a Hunt mapping pen (a crow quill would have done) and retraced over the carbon tracings and applied stipple and hatching for tonal variations. This, in turn, was scanned at 1200 dpi and traced into vector via an amazing programme called "Inkscape". I traced the bitmap at 2-colour, hard edge setting. This rendered a wood-cut looking vector graphic. I then exported it into .pdf, which works with my version of FreeHand. So the process went from bitmapped clip art to hand-rendering on Bristol, scanned back into bitmap at high resolution, then traced into a vector algorithm. It is shown here in bitmap form.

If anyone is interested in using my little Desert Rose for their very own, e-mail me for the .pdf file.


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