Friday, June 20, 2008

More Photos from AAPA 2008.

I need to make special mention of Henry down at the University of Tampa's Book Arts Studio. He is probably the most unlikely of effective teachers. Very plain, a non-eriudite if ever I met one, given to a slight stammer, yet absolutely able to communicate and connect. Henry gave me my first taste of operating a Linecaster on that Friday the thirteenth, the first day of the AAPA gathering. I thought my highpoint would be operating the Washington, and to be sure, it certainly was a high point. But now I realise the highpoint was learning the 'touch' of an Intertype's keyboard and watching the absolutely integrated assemblage of levers and gears work together to produce a line of type, delivered almost into my lap. Henry showed me how to edit my lines right from the mats as they lined up before me, and gave me to think that maybe . . . maybe I could actually operate one of these things.

Thanks, Henry, for the introduction to Linecasting.

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